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Does Hardwood Add Value to your Home?

Friday Jul 13th, 2018


                                                                                                                                                               HARDWOOD FLOORING IN YOUR PETERBOROUGH HOME


Installing new hardwood floors or refinishing existing hardwood in a home not only improves the appearance of it but also adds timeless beauty, warmth and elegance. Hardwood can be used as a canvas for your furniture, or you can accent the flooring with area rugs.


Homes that have hardwood flooring sell quicker, easier and usually, for more money. When a home or condo is on the market, a purchaser is willing to pay more for a property with hardwood flooring than for the same space covered in carpet. While there is actual no scientific formula to prove this, the hardwood rule is one regularly cited amongst experienced realtors.


There are a few reasons why carpet is less preferred than hardwood in residential real estate. For example, one of the key issues with carpet is the odor that broadloom retains. This sometimes creates a stench that can easily turn the buyer off. Another issue is that carpets usually contain dust mites. These tiny, microscopic bugs live in your carpet and come with a range of concerns. Many people have allergies that can be exacerbated by these dust mites and will have the broadloom removed as soon as the purchase is complete, replacing it with hardwood. Having existing carpet in a home can be a big turn off for many buyers.


Maintenance of hardwood flooring is simple and inexpensive. Hardwood flooring will often have a lifetime warranty and never require replacement, unless there is major water damage or a fire. Should you have major scratches in your hardwood, you will likely not need to replace them. Instead, we would recommend hiring a professional to re-sand and refinish your hardwood to make your floors look good as new. There are a number of polyurethanes on the market today that are water-based VOC-compliant and extremely scuff-resistant, and that can provide a gloss, semi-gloss or satin finish.


When you are selling your home with existing carpet, it would be wise to consider replacing it with hardwood flooring if you'd like it to sell faster and with ease. For more information on other tricks and advice on how to sell your home, speak with a knowledgeable realtor today to discuss this more in-depth.


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