Getting ready for summer

Tuesday May 29th, 2018


Hello Everyone, it has been a long long winter. It is time to get some Spring Cleaning done, a few pointers for the Spring.


First I would suggest that you change that furnace filter something that should be done every 10 weeks or 2 ½ months. Clean debris away from your air conditioning unit, turn it on and make sure it is working well so you wont be sitting outside when the temperature is in the mid 30’s.


Spring cleaning behind the appliances and especially the dryer is very important. Prevent fires and help the dryer run efficiently.

Get a brush and get that lint out of there.


Clean the gutters, remove debris and check the downspouts make sure there is no obstructions and the gutter is not falling away from the house or the garage.


Tune up your lawn equipment, change the oil plug and filter in your mower. Replace the gasoil in your lawn trimmer and leaf blower.


Next you may want to clean that BBQ Grill, if you are using a steel wire brush make sure you rinse it well we don’t want to spoil the food or the party with a trip to the hospital. Remove the stones and wash the grill housing down with some mild soap.

Check to make sure its all working well replace worn or broken parts before lighting up.


Enjoy a cold one or a glass of wine with friends and enjoy the weekend.

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