Does Staging your Home to get the Best Real Estate Price Toronto and or Peterborough

Thursday Aug 30th, 2018



Intelligently staging real estate is a sure way to optimize a property to receive the best offers. Buyers sometimes spend hours looking through listings. The more attractive a piece of real estate is, the more likely you will catch the eye of the right buyer.


How a seller presents their home correlates to the property’s perceived value and the selling price they can expect to receive. If your Toronto or Peterborough real estate does not show well, expect it to sell below expectations. Take the opportunity to improve upon the look and stage of your home to correct any deficiencies that may be present. Get your home ready for sale using these five staging strategies!


Declutter Create a Canvass


Remove personal photographs and personalized memorabilia, and leave behind only select accessories. The best way to stage real estate is with something spacious and minimal. Renting a storage locker or moving personalized items out beforehand is recommended.


Clean everything


It's pretty straightforward, so please ensure the house is as clean as possible. Don’t let grime on the fridge or fingerprints on the windows get in the way of a home that someone could easily fall in love with. Wipe everything, ensure the bed is made and the dishes are put away, and have everything in its place before opening the doors to would-be buyers.


Complete minor touch-ups and repairs


Even if the budget is not there to do a sizeable renovation, consider repairing your Toronto home's issues before staging it. No one wants to hear, “Yes, the property’s to love, but the sink drips, there’s a hole in the wall in the basement, there’s cat hair in the air vents, and there’s a stain in the carpet, we’ve never been able to get out.” If you want the highest real estate price you can get, you will want to fix any glaring issues.


Please be careful about the smell of your home.


Noticeably harsh odors should be eliminated. Any spicy chips, oily cooking, smoking smells, and pets are all things to be concerned with. In the past, realtors have baked cookies to give homes a particular smell. Consider a similar approach to create the most inviting, cozy smells. Consider burning a candle or using essential wax diffusers to heighten the smell attractiveness.


Re-arrange furniture


Condo units, in particular, are tiny, so the name of the game becomes maximization. Furniture should be used intelligently to increase a room’s flow. To maximize a Toronto and Peterborough home’s potential, realtors often fill it with select smaller pieces of furniture and remove anything significant. Buyers should have the chance to see real estate as a home and not just as an empty space. Believe us when we say it will help you get a better real estate offer.


Selling in Toronto, Peterborough, and other regions in the province comes with much competition. Though markets are vital, as a seller, it’s all about maximizing your price. To accomplish this, perception is critical. How to stage your home is a skill every seller and realtor should learn.

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