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Thursday Jun 21st, 2018




When inspecting your home during these summer months it is important to start from the top. Start the inspection at the roof and work your way down to the basement.


When inspecting the roof:

no need to cover up from the cold winter wind,

- Check the roof for any potentially missing shingles.

-Check the eaves troughs to ensure they are clean and clear of debris

-Check for loose flashing. If you do find this, make sure you secure it.

- Check around doors & windows for loose or missing calking

- Check around the house and make sure grade Is good and the water runs away from the home and not towards it.

- Check the foundation for cracks and have them repaired.


Important things to note:

1.      If you need major repairs or require weeping tile, hire a professional to do the proper work. It costs between $75.00 and $150.00 per foot to dig and repair. Get quotes and check references before you part with your money. Remember that seepage is not covered by most insurance policies.



2.     Take the time and install a backflow prevention valve. This valve is extremely important because it will close and not allow sewage back into the home. Without this valve, you could be incurring thousands of dollars worth of damages, plus the loss of personal possessions with sentimental value.


3.     If you have a Sump pump, take a few minutes to clean out the sludge, if any, and test it frequently to ensure that it is functioning optimally. In some cases it is of great value to have a secondary back up pump.


4.     Check with your Insurance Broker to see if you have the proper coverage for flooding. If you don’t, you may also want to add it to your policy.

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